Top 5 Best Adult Diapers in India 2022

best adult diaper in india 2021

Are you struggling with urinary incontinence problems and looking for the best adult diaper? So in this article, we are going to review the 5 best adult diapers in India that will definitely help you get rid of this problem.

Urine incontinence is becoming one of the biggest problems in the elders. Even some youngsters are seeing this problem. Until now adult diapers were rarely used in India, whereas in Japan they were already used for 6 years. In India, people were still hesitant to use it, whereas adult diapers are being used a lot at present.

That is why the sales of adult diapers are increasing very fast every year in the market and the number of people using adult diapers is constantly increasing in India now.

What are Adult Diapers?


First of all, we know what is adult diapers? So, friends, the adult diaper is like a normal baby diaper. It is used by elder men and women. These are a type of disposable adult briefs that has a good ability to absorb any liquid. Adults are used for various conditions such as incontinence, mobility impairment, severe diarrhea, or dementia. Adult diapers provide comfort to those who experience urinary incontinence, dementia, or bedwetting problems.

What are the types of adult diapers?

Adult diapers are divided into several types based on body shape, design, needs and other reasons. You should use adult diaper as per your requirement. Below we are describing some types of adult diapers.


This is the most popular adult diaper we use. This diaper is considered good for those with Bowel problems or bladder control problems. This adult diaper is considered to be the most reliable and safe because it has the highest ability to prevent urine leakage.


They are similar to women’s sanitary napkins. You just stick the Insert diaper from your underwear. Adult diapers are not suitable at all for those who cannot walk and those who lie only in bed. Because they have low absorption capacity, they cannot be used for a long time but can be used for 3 to 4 hours. These adult diapers are considered the best for women.


Pull-ups are like normal underwear. You can remove or wear them as per your choice. They have low absorption capacity. These diapers can be used by both men and women. Many people use these adult diapers for freedom while walking.


These adult diapers are also like normal underwear. These diapers are made mostly by cotton, polyester, and nylon. They have a very high absorption capacity. And they can be washed and used many times. Once washed, they look like new. They can also be used by both men and women.

How to Choose Best Adult Diapers: Buying Guide

before buying a best adult diapers, you must have to check 8 points. These 8 Factors describe below, if you follow these points, you will buy a best suitable adult diaper for you in india 2022

1) Leak-Proof Protection

There should be no urine leakage from the diaper while using the diaper. For this, companies provide some special designs or features in diapers. Many companies offer hundred percent leakage proof protection, so when choosing adult diapers, see these words written on the packet. Many times this problem comes even when not choosing the appropriate size.

2) Control of Bacterial Growth

When urine is not absorbed properly, then bacterial growth occurs in the diaper. This can cause many problems in your body due to infection. So many companies offer extras like pH balance. A good diaper keeps the balance intact and does not allow bacterial growth.

3) Understand your requirements

Before taking adult diapers, you must understand your need for what you are taking adult diapers and for whom. What is the amount of daily urin? You have to use it during the day or use it overnight. Analyze all these things properly and only then think of purchasing diapers.

4) Types of Adult Diapers

Adult diapers come in many types in the market. Above we have described the type of adult diaper. Read them carefully and choose the appropriate diaper as per your need. All company packets have diaper type written on them, so keep an eye on them.

5) Size

Adult diapers range from small size to large size and XL size. So take special care of size while buying adult diapers. All companies probably write on the envelope, so make sure to look at that thing carefully.

6) Fabric or Material

What material is an adult diaper made of, all companies write in packets. Buy the diaper according to which material suits your body, which will not do. Many such materials are used in diapers, which can also cause rash or itching in the body.

7) Holding Capacity or Absorbency

It is very important to check the holding capacity of adult diapers because you are using adult diapers so that you get freedom from urine leakage and you feel safety, ease, independence. Make sure to pay attention to the diaper you are going to buy and how long each diaper will be able to absorb the urine.

8) Odor control

There are also diapers which after using, give a very bad smell. So how much control is your diaper odor, also keep this in mind when buying adult diapers.

9) Durability and Longevity

If your diaper gets wet and spoiled very quickly, then you have to deal with problems like changing diapers again and again and there is also financial loss. So when buying diapers, be sure to check the durability of the diaper.

Top 5 Best Adult Diapers in India 2022

Product Name



Friends Premium Adult Diapers 

Dignity Overnight Adult Diapers

Seni Breathable Adult Diapers

Kare In Pull Ups - Pant Style Diapers

Senyar Unisex Adult Diaper 

A Detailed Information about Each Adult Diaper

1. Friends Premium Adult Diapers 

Friends Premium Adult Diapers Pant Style

The First Best Adult diaper on our list is Friends premium Adult diaper pants. It is manufactured by Nobel Hygiene which is an Indian manufacturer of both Adult and baby diapers. This Company is working in this field since 2000 as a market leader.

This Pant style Friends adult diaper is the best solution for people who are facing urine incontinence, urology patients, bedridden, prostate disorder, piles, and disabled patients.

Main Key Features

  • Rapid Absorption layer for quick absorption
  • Easy wearing system
  • Elastic waist for a snug fit
  • Absorb Lock Core that offers maximum protection from leakage
  • Longest Protection for overnight up to 8 hours
  • Adult Diaper Pants with odor lock technology ensure you do not compromise on your social lifestyle.
  • It is one of the best adult diapers in India.
Pros (The Good Things)
  • High Absorbency
  • Standing Leak Guards
  • Extra soft and dry
  • Up to 8 hours of protection
  • Odor control
  • Anti-Bacterial Core prevents rashes & infection
  • Waist elastic for a comfortable fit
  • Unisex – comfortable for men & women
  • Specially designed for Indian Body types
  • Available in Different sizes
Cons (The Bad Things)
  • Not Available in S size

2. Dignity Overnight Adult Diapers

The second Best Adult diaper on our list is Dignity Overnight Adult Diapers. This diaper is manufactured by RGI Meditech Pvt. Ltd. Perhaps, You have seen some recent ads on television and various other social media Platforms. Ramsons dignity Overnight adult diapers offer maximum protection from incontinence. These adult diapers are suitable for both men and women.

Main Key Features

  • Acquisition Distribution Layer helps in rapid fluid dispersionThe fluid then gets converted into gel immediately with a Quick-Lock System.
  • Especially Designed Leak Guard minimizes the risk of any leakage or side spills due to movement or diaper displacement.
  • Extra Absorbent Core comes with dual padding that provides Higher Absorption.
  • It provides comfort and protection for up to 12-16 hours.
  • This diaper is made from the softest fabrics, so It protects the wearer from rashes and skin irritations.
  • It is one of the best adult diaper in India.
Pros (The Good Things)
  • Higher Absorption Power
  • Leak Guard Protection
  • Rapid Fluid Absorption
  • Protection up to 12-16 hours.
  • Hypoallergenic & Extra Soft
  • Re-Fastenable Tapes for Extra fit Experience
  • Perfect for men and women
Cons (The Bad Things)
  • Adhesion is a bit poor

3. Seni Breathable Adult Diapers

This is the third-best adult diaper on our list in India. This adult diaper is made by TZMO SA which is a well-reputed European company. This company is working on these types of materials for a long time.

Seni is the European brand of superior quality absorbent products and skincare solutions that won the trust of millions of incontinent patients as well as caregivers worldwide. Profound knowledge and a wealth of experience ensure maximum comfort of use and specialist protection against skin disorders such as bedsores.

The essential feature of Seni products is 100% breathability. Free air circulation significantly lowers the risk of chafes, skin irritations and bedsores prone to develop especially in bedridden patients. Breathable products are absolutely necessary to ensure proper air ventilation, avoid certain skin disorders and keep the skin in good condition

Main Key Features

  • A Well Reputed European brand
  • The essential feature of Seni products is 100% breathability.
  • Side standing gathers made of a hydrophobic nonwoven keep the moisture inside and prevent from side leakages
  • Double absorbent core provides high absorbency and a feeling of dryness
  • Wetness indicator – an easy & convenient way to check when a diaper should be changed
  •  Recommended for bedridden patients with moderate to heavy incontinence
  • Budget price so that everyone can afford.
  • Minimized risk of bedsores
  • It is one of the best adult diaper in India.
Pros (The Good Things)
  • Imported From Europe
  • 100% breathable Product
  • Extra Dry System
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Leakage Protection
  • Lower Risk of sores
  • Economically Price
  • Available XS to XL sizes
  • Value for money
Cons (The Bad Things)
  • Odor Control is a bit problem

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4. Kare In Pull Ups – Pant Style Diapers

The fourth best diaper in our list is Kare In Pull Ups – Pant Style diaper. This diaper is manufacured by Kare In company.

These pant style diapers specially designed to Contours your body for a comfortable fit like real underwear. Allows for easy removal and quick disposal of diapers. Leg cuff assures fit and protection against leakage. Colored stitches on the waistband highlight the front of the underwear. Soft and comfortable waist panel helps in discreet fit. Quickly locks fluids away and helps eliminate odor.

Main Key Features

  • Super-absorbent gel core quickly locks fluids away and helps eliminates odor
  • Leg cuff assures fit and protection against leakage
  • Cloth-like stretch panels contours to your body for a comfortable fit like a real underwear
  • Tear-away sides allow for easy removal and quick disposal of diapers
  • Colored stitching colored stitches on the waistband highlight the front of the underwear
  • The waist panel soft and comfortable waist panel helps in discreet fit. 
Pros (The Good Things)
  • Super-absorbent gel core
  • Leg off to Avoid leakage
  • Elastic waist
  • Stretch panels contours to your body
  • Colored stitching on the waistband
  • Tear-away sides allow for easy removal
  • 2 different sizes
  • Suitable for both men & women
  • One of the best adult diaper in India.
Cons (The Bad Things)
  • Not suitable for heavy bedwetting
  • Less hour protection

5. Senyar Unisex Adult Diaper 

This is our fifth best adult diaper in our list. This diaper is manufactured by millennium babycares Pvt. Ltd which is an Indian company.

Senyar senior incontinence diapers have cottony soft materials to make you feel comfortable. The high absorbency capacity helps you have a tension-free time. Aloe Vera with super lock gel helps you for the protection of your skin. The wetness indicator helps you know when the diaper is full and needs a change

Main Key Features

  • The adult diapers are made with cottony soft material that ensures high absorbency while being soft on skin.
  • Specially designed with Diamond Core Technology which creates large absorbing area & spreads the liquid uniformly.
  • With the goodness of aloe vera and super lock gel technology, the Senyar adult diapers absorb wetness immediately and keep you dry
  • A wetness indicator is provided to check the need of changing the diaper. 
  • The diaper with advanced leak protection ensures no leakage on tips and edges.
  • Strong and durable material which makes it resistant to wear and tear while usage.
  • The cloth-like diaper is slim and does not feel heavy while using it
Pros (The Good Things)
  • Advanced leak protection
  • Higher absorption capacity
  • Aloe vera with super lock gel
  • Diamond core technology for better distribution
  • Breathable cottony-soft material fabrics
  • Wetness indicator
  • Super sticky Tapes
  • Extra Slim
  • Durable and long-lasting diaper
  • Best adult diaper in India.
Cons (The Bad Things)
  • Some people face adhesive issues
  • Some people complained about quality


So in this detailed guide, we have described all things about adult diapers, such as what is adult diaper? how many types are adult diapers? how to choose the best adult diaper? Now you have to check our buying guide and choose the best product for you according to your requirements. We have picked here best adult diapers available in India right now.

If you any query regarding adult diapers, Please comment below. we will happy to help you.Thanks

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