Endless Exercise Bike India 2020

Endless Exercise Bike India 2020

  • Perfect for Gym and Home Use
  • Multi Grip Handlebars
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Digital Display
  • Seat Adjustment Knob
  • Foam grip handles for easy and soft grip
  • Non skid pedals with adjustable foot straps for better foot grip

Endless Exercise Bike India 2020

Fitness is vital to survive within the world of pollution and chemically processed food. Regular cycling by the best exercycle India can help to stay the guts pump blood properly, reduce also as maintain healthiness. And, this is often equivalent to what our writers think. they need spent hours choosing the simplest exercycle for yourself. Endless is the best brand that provides the proper and best endless Exercise Bike in India.

Key Features of Endless Imported Exercise Bike

Sturdy Construction

Endless exercise bike is beautifully designed and the body frame is built with strong steel, which ensures that you get many hours of the constructive workout without the fear of disintegration. And the steady balance allows you to go as fast as you like.

Multi-Grip Handlebars

This exercise bike has long handlebars. Handlebars are attached with the upper frame and soft foam cushion is present on the entire handlebar. The bull horn design gives you multi-level grip.

Perfect for Gym and Home Use

Simply place this Endless compact exercise bike in any corner of your home and get closer to being an energetic lifestyle. This exercise bike is designed with a compact shape to occupy a small area at your house. This is an ideal bike to add to your gym or home.

Digital Display

Users can fully monitor details like speed, distance covered and calories burned. The digital LCD display of this exercise bike helps you to monitor this data. Users can utilize this data to track daily improvements.

Seat Adjustment Knob

Easy seat adjustment with a smooth knob. Users can easily adjust the exercise bike seats accordingly to their needs. The cushioned seat gives you comfort while exercising.

Adjustable Resistance Knob

For optimum performance, the Endless exercise bike comes with an adjustable resistance system. Different levels of resistance can be chosen by simply turning a small knob. This remarkable feature allows ease of adjustment.

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Product Description

Material: Steel,

Mechanism: belt system

Handles: Foam grip handles for easy and soft grip

Pedals: Non-skid pedals with adjustable foot straps for better foot grip
Heavy-duty construction, Adjustable Seat Height

Design : Sturdy Design Allows for Greater Stability and Long Life

Max user weight : 80 kg (Approx.)

Note: Buyer Has To Assemble Himself (Assembly Manual Inside Packaging)
Material: Steel

In-Box Contents: 1 Exercise Bike with user manual

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