Horlicks Protein Plus & Nutrition Drink

Horlicks Protein Plus & Nutrition Drink

  • Contains a blend of three high-quality proteins whey, soy, and casein
  • Triple protein blend providing fast and sustained release of amino acids over time
  • Horlicks Protein+ contains 3 times more protein than the leading HFD

Horlicks Protein Plus & Nutrition Drink

Horlicks Protein Plus with 3 high-quality proteins, is scientifically formulated daily nutrition drink for adults which helps to support muscle mass and maintain strength over time, as a part of a healthy lifestyle

Why Horlicks Protein Plus is the Better Protein?

1. It has 3 High-Quality Proteins

There are 20 Amino Acids and your body needs all of them to maintain muscle mass and strength. But 9 of them cannot be made in the body and so need to be consumed. These are called essential Amino Acids.

The 3 Proteins in Horlicks Protein+ contain all the essential Amino Acids needed to build and maintain muscle mass, important for strength.

2. Horlicks Protein Plus Contains 3 times More Protein Than The Leading HFD

Why does this level of protein matter?

1 mug of the leading HFD provides 3g of Protein.

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