How To Pick A Yoga Mat: The Best Beginner’s Guide

how to pick a yoga mat

If you want to know how to pick a yoga mat, then you’ve come to the right place. The yoga mat is your companion in your countless yoga sessions. Just like a friend, you want it to be reliable, robust, accepting, and you want to maintain a long relationship with it. With many yoga mats out there, we will help you narrow down your search to the right one. Here are some tips to help you find your perfect companion in yoga. 

Tips To Help You Find The Right Yoga Mat


I have listed below some tips to consider to help you on how to pick a yoga mat that will suit your needs. 


The thickness of your yoga mat helps you in a lot of ways. Thickness indicates that your mask is more robust, durable, and can protect you from a fall. A regular yoga mat has a thickness of 1/8 inch, which is the standard thickness of almost all the yoga mats in the market. But if you have a slim body, chances are 1/8 inch is not enough thickness for you.  

Some yogis who consider themselves slim prefer a yoga mat that is around 1/4 inch. It is because there are positions in yoga that press down hard on your bones. Prolonged force and stimulation to these areas paired with a thinner yoga mat can cause injuries. The 1/4 inch yoga mat should provide adequate supports for the joint and bones.  

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There is always a downside to having a thicker yoga mat. The thicker the yoga mat, the harder it is to balance in some yoga positions. Also, the added thickness to the mat can make carrying it around a little harder. It is hard to roll for compact storage. 


There are a lot of different textures in choosing a yoga mat. A smooth yoga mat works great but provides lesser traction. There are yoga mats that have a sticky feeling to it but gives the best traction. Traction is essential to take note of if you are looking for the right texture for a yoga mat. The perfect texture keeps your yoga mat from sliding around and also helps with balance. 

Smooth mats are suitable for Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. It is because both practices require active movement. Less traction means less friction to the skin. But smooth yoga mats that come in the form of PVC should be avoided. These types of mats are too slippery. The rubber mats are more natural, especially when you sweat. They don’t absorb as much moisture than more textured yoga mats. 

Yoga mats also come in a textured pattern. Some mats come in ridges to help you get a more solid grip. There are also yoga mats that are made of cotton and used in a gentler type of yoga practice. 


Where you will be doing your sessions will also contribute to how to pick a yoga mat. If you practice in a studio, you would need a lightweight yoga mat. A thin yoga mat is more comfortable to store and carry around.  

If you are practicing at home, you don’t have to worry about transport. You can pick and choose a more heavy mat, especially if you are a beginner. The Hatha or Yin Yoga practices are examples where a heavier matt is advantageous.  

Length and Width 

The yoga mat you choose needs to be able to fit your entire body when you are lying down. There are practices in yoga that require to lay down like the Savasana. How to pick a yoga mat relative to your height? If you are longer than the mat, elements outside the mat might make it difficult for you to relax. An excellent example of this is a cold floor.  

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A regular mat in the market has a length of 68 inches. So if you are taller than that, double-check the range of the mat you will purchase. 

Price and Cost 

There are a lot of different yoga mats out there in the market. The price of yoga mats ranges from 400/- Rupees, which is the price of the generics ones, to 7500/- Rupees, which are the high-quality yoga mats. Determine the price based on the brand, material, and quality. Examples of famous brands are Manduka, Liforme, and Jade, etc 

Different materials range from polyester, high-quality rubber, and a lot of other different other blends. Although the price may be crucial, it should not be the determining factor. 

Style and Design 

Choose a yoga mat that leans more toward your look and style. Yoga is a very personal practice, so everything surrounding it must have a personal touch. You can start by choosing your favorite color. The customization of yoga mats is endless. Since yoga is a rigorous practice, your yoga mat can also inspire you to do it. The yoga mat is always a perfect reminder of your commitment and hard work. With a personal touch, you will be in a more focused state of mind. 


Your yoga mat is your companion on your yoga journey, and you should be connected to it on a personal level. I hope that this article has shed some light to help you how to pick a yoga mat that will fit you most. Yoga is a very mental and physical practice. It requires a lot of force and balance to be able to practice at an optimum level. Just remember the tips and things to consider when choosing the best yoga mat. Ultimately you will end up choosing the best one for you. Thank you. 

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