Blessbe Digital Bluetooth BMI Body Fat Analyzer

  • Tracks 13 Essential Parameters for weighing Machine
  • High Precision Body Weight Scale
  • Set Goal and Track
  • Weighing Capacity upto 180 Kgs
  • High-sensitivity sensors
  • Smart Friendly OKOK App
  • Works with Bluetooth on iOS and Android
  • Easy to use

Blessbe Digital Bluetooth BMI Body Fat Analyzer Machine

A digital weight machine is an evolved version of the analog weighing machine, as the name suggests, the weight scale is displayed digitally on a small screen. The size of the screen may or may not vary with each model. This type of weighing machine comes with batteries that can be replaced, these batteries would be lithium-based. The capacity of this type of weighing machine may vary.

This weighing scale can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It helps you synchronize all the body composition factors that include fat, BMI Weight Machine, BFR, bone mass, visceral fat, and others. This app is compatible with Andriod and ioS. You can also store the body composition data of different people, up to 12 users.

Blessbe Digital Bluetooth BMI Body Fat Analyzer Top Features

Smart Friendly OKOK App:

OKOK Body Fat Scale comes with a very simple to put in OKOK app for measuring weight and syncs with the weighing scale. You’ll be able to download the app from App store/Google Store. The app syncs with Samsung Health, Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit App.

Set Goal and Track it With the help of Weight machine for human body:

The smart OKOK app means that you can set your fitness goals and track them anytime anywhere. The information is showing in easy charts and graphs making it super easy so that you can track the progress

Tracks 13 Essential Parameters for weighing Machine:

OKOK Weighing Machine shows body weight, data including weight, body fat percentage, water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, and bone mass, visceral fat main points during the app. You’ll be able to weigh yourself anytime WITHOUT your phone. The information will sync to the app once it is attached again.

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High Precision Measurement:

  • High Precision Body Weight Scale: equipped with high sensitive weight sensors with cutting-edge technology, providing accurate readings with division at 0.2lb/100g. The maximum capacity reaches to 400lb/180kg
  • High-sensitivity sensors and electrodes give you precise body measurements with the latest Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA).
  • Easy to use-Works with Bluetooth on iOS and Android. You can weigh yourself anytime for the data will sync to the app once your phone and scale connect again. Easily change weight units through the app

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Connect BLESSBE BB8 weight machine has wireless Bluetooth Body Fat Scale by the use of Bluetooth 4.0 to android and iOS app

Weighing Capacity:

Blessbe Weight Machine is specially designed with high precision sensors which makes sure to provide accurate results. Its strong platform is crafted from strengthened tempered glass. This smart scale has the capacity of measuring even the smallest weight changes. Its weighing capacity ranges from 5kgs to 180kgs.

Sync Health Composition Data with Your Phone

Blessbe Weighing Machine measures your weight, body fat percentage, body hydration, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, body muscle BMI and more. It will measure 11 Essential measurements like body weight, bmi, body fat percentage etc. You can weight yourself anytime without your phone. The data will sync to the app once it is connected again.

Free friendly OKOK app

You can download OKOK app for free in the apple app/Google play. OKOK app works with Bluetooth 4. 0. It supports android 4. 3 & IOS 6.13 Or above system

Box content

A weighing scale and an inch tape for measuring your body. You can put 2 AAA batteries in it(which is not included).

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